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​What are somatic therapies ?


​Somatic therapies are a form of body-centered therapy that connects the mind and body. In this practice, we focus on identifying tension in the body to know where the trauma is stored and how its been manifested into your life, and use somatic techniques to release and heal that trauma to find external and internal peace and balance. 


"Experience Ewaori Tantra: Holistic Wellness Services for Mind, Body and Soul"

Why is this Important

Healing is the first step to creating the reality that you desire. For centuries we have used meditation, yoga, and other mindfulness practices to heal and create mind-body medicine. It is important to pamper the mind and spirit as much as our physical bodies so we can attract the most pleasurable, orgasmic and whole experiences in our lifetime. 

Mikala & Ben Bailey, OK

"The first time we booked the couples intimacy session with Tikara, it was the most amazing experience! I was able to truly connect with myself and my partner. I let go of so much I didn't even know I had built up. Tikara has such an amazing spirit and she is 10/10 recommended."

Amiya Fortenberry, OK

"Joining her live Breathwork Session was great, it led my mind to be more open and had gave me relief of the things I was holding onto and I honestly cannot wait until her next session"

Farmina Williams, OK

“Thank you for the experience of Breathwork, Most of us dont realize that we breathe shallow and since then, i am totally aware of my breathing and i notice i can generate more energy and life force when i take the time to breathe. Again Thank you.". 
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